Mo & Mel x Betty Chung Ceramics

Mo & Mel is the expression of our passion for design, aesthetics and of course scent.  

Using our backgrounds in Graphic Design and Architecture, we have designed a range of candles made from 100% Eco Soy wax - free of GMO and paraffins, with 100% pure cotton wicks that are lead and zinc free, hand poured in gorgeous bespoke ceramic vessels - hand made by Betty Chung. 

Betty Chung is a registered architect, designer and ceramic artist based in Auckland.

Her ceramic work is a synthesis of art and architecture, exploring solidified thoughts through shape, materiality and texture through 2 and 3 dimensions to express elegance of form and create sculptural yet usable objects. 

With the organic collaboration of Betty Chung Ceramics and Mo & Mel candles, we introduce a bespoke collection presented as the first edition of this exciting collaboration.